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I have published eight novels in my Maggie Keiller/Derek Sloan crime-fiction series. The first seven are: By Precept and Example; Until He Killed Her; Lockdown; First, Do No Harm; Missing and Murdered; Nobody Counts On Dying; and The Resurrectionists.

The newest is After The Lake Caught Fire. The pristine shoreline of Georgian Bay north of the resort town of Port Huntington is threatened by voracious developers planning to build a vacation condominium development.  At the same time, environmental testing reveals that the land proposed for development is a toxic wasteland, a result of chemical dumping by a long-ago munitions manufacturing company.  The public outcry increases dramatically after several unmarked graves are uncovered at the site of a former Indigenous residential school located on the property. 

Skulduggery and mayhem abound, and Maggie and Derek, immersed in the midst of a number of fast-unfolding crises, suddenly find they are under attack from malign forces.  In order to save themselves and protect the interests of the Port Huntington community, they must use every means at their disposal. 

All these events unfold in a dramatic telling that will hold every reader spellbound.

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I have also published six collections of tales, including: On Top of the Grass: Tales of a Snowbird in Florida; It Matters to Me: Tales of a Young Father; The Passing Parade: Tales of a Bemused Bystander; Tall and True: Tales of an Unrepentant Fibber, and Ranting, Raging, and Surviving the Storm: Tales of a Closet Curmudgeon.

The most recent one is, I Haven’t the Time: Tales of a Woke Wayfarer, a compilation of reflections, questions, and concerns about the world around us. They’re written from my own perspective as an itinerant scribbler journeying through a world of incredible wonder, but a world of systemic injustices and prejudices, as well. 

Most of the tales are in prose form, short essays on subjects that have caught my attention. Others are set forth as poetry—both traditional, rhyming verse and seventeen-syllable haiku—poetic forms I greatly enjoy playing with.

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I am currently working on a ninth novel in my crime series with a planned publication date in late 2022.

Also underway is work on my seventh collection of tales—working title, I Calls ‘Em the Way I Sees ‘Em: Tales of a Capricious Critic—which is expected to be available in early 2022.

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All of the books, some in e-book format, are available for purchase at this safe link—

If you enjoy reading this blog, I know you will enjoy my books.