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I have published nine novels in my Maggie Keiller/Derek Sloan crime-fiction series. The first eight are: By Precept and Example; Until He Killed Her; Lockdown; First, Do No Harm; Missing and Murdered; Nobody Counts On Dying; The Resurrectionists; and After the Lake Caught Fire.

The newest is Lost and Found and Lost Again. Three decades ago, a predatory high school Principal in the Northern Highlands District School Board sexually assaulted a number of his female students, one of whom subsequently took her own life.  Despite the courage of one fifteen-year-old girl who reported the assaults to the Director of Education at the time, nothing was done to stop the Principal’s depredations.

Now, thirty years after the assaults were first reported, that former Principal is murdered in his home by an unknown assailant.  Within a week of his killing, two more men are murdered—the Director of Education who had done nothing about the original report, and the board’s lawyer at the time, who was complicit in the cover-up.  Police begin investigating the killings, and as usual, Maggie and Derek are drawn into the unfolding events.

The story is set against the backdrop of a truckers’ blockade organized and funded by a coalition of western-separatist, white-supremacist groups, who seek to disrupt the flow of trade and commerce in the province and force the government to resign. 

In a heart-stopping finish to the story, Maggie and Derek are confronted by the vengeful killers at their home on Georgian Bay, and are themselves threatened with death as they try to protect the woman at the centre of everything.

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I have also published seven collections of tales, including: On Top of the Grass: Tales of a Snowbird in Florida; It Matters to Me: Tales of a Young Father; The Passing Parade: Tales of a Bemused Bystander; Tall and True: Tales of an Unrepentant Fibber; Ranting, Raging, and Surviving the Storm: Tales of a Closet Curmudgeon; and I Haven’t the Time: Tales of a Woke Wayfarer.

The most recent one is I Calls ‘Em The Way I Sees ‘Em: Tales of a Capricious Critic, a collection of essays and poetry marveling at the world I encounter every day. As usual, the tales are written from my own perspective, but with enough in common with you, I hope, that you will recognize and appreciate my points of view.

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I am currently working on a tenth novel in my crime series—tentatively titled Power Play, with a planned publication date in 2023—and an eighth collection of tales—working title, Prompted and Prodded: Tales of a Ripe, Old Writer.

All of the books, some in e-book format, are available for purchase at this safe link—

If you enjoy reading this blog, I know you will enjoy my books.