The Resurrectionists

The sudden death and subsequent resurrection of Riley Moynes—-more a serendipitous circumstance than a major miracle—-unfolded an hour before dusk under a cloudless sky on an empty stretch of northern Ontario highway.

So begins the seventh novel in my Maggie Keiller/Derek Sloan crime-thriller series, a story that will capture and hold your attention from beginning to end.  The book is intended for a mature audience, and is available online now from my author spotlight page—

If you haven’t had a chance to read the free previews I sent out of the first two chapters—or watched my video-reading of them—they may be found at these safe links—

I hope you will check out the previews, and I hope you will visit my author spotlight page as you consider purchasing the book.  In addition, please share this note with anyone you think might be interested.  I know I’m biased, but The Resurrectionists is a heck of a good story!

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