Only Words?

Away back in 1967, the year I was married, an Australian boy band, the Bee Gees, wrote and recorded a song entitled Words.  The chorus of that song became an anthem of sorts for a generation of young people—


As an author and blogger, words are my stock and trade.  And the writing of those words can be, of necessity, a lonely endeavour, deliberately shut away from the everyday toil and turmoil that too often consumes us.

Which is why I beg to differ with the sentiment of the Bee Gees’ statement.  Words, in fact, are not all we have.  When music is added to words, the result can provide a tremendous emotional impact for an audience fortunate enough to be part of it.  And when that music is made in the company of others, the loneliness and solitude of the writing process is greatly mitigated.

The men’s chorus to which I belong, Harbourtown Sound, provides teamwork, mutual support, and a sense of purpose to everyone who is a part of it.  And our audiences tell us they experience those same things when they listen to our performances.

See and hear for yourself by listening to a recent rehearsal tape, recorded in the setting in the picture below, punctuated in a couple of places by exhortations from the directors.

HTS Rehearsal

If you aren’t convinced by the blend of words and music here presented, well…..I guess all I can say is that I’m at a loss for words.


8 thoughts on “Only Words?

  1. Brad, thank you. It was lovely as music soothes the soul and warms the heart. Congrats on your upcoming concert at the Burlington Arts Centre. It is a marvellous hall.


    • Thank you for the good wishes. Competing against twenty-nine other choruses from around the world—USA, UK, Sweden, New Zealand—is a daunting endeavour, but we’re excited for the opportunity.
      A personal best score would suit us just fine!


  2. Fabulous, fabulous. If you don’t mind, I will forward to my brother in Montreal who used to sing Barbershop. How many are you? Would love to see you perform sometime. Beth



    • Yes, please forward any of my posts to folks who might enjoy them. Harbourtown Sound has 98 members, but we usually perform with about 80 men—basses, baritones, leads, and tenors. Our next performance locally will be our annual Christmas show in November at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.
      Thanks for the comments!


  3. I LOVE your words. They always say exactly what I’m often thinking or they make me think about things I had forgotten. You are an amazing “wordsmith”. Keep them coming. Lee 🎵

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    • Thanks for the kind words. You, for sure, understand how words and music come together to enrich all of us.
      Feel free to share the post with anyone who might also enjoy it.


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